Travel sketchbook workshop

A travel sketchbook workshop on the French Riviera ?

Come and discover the art of the travel sketchbook in one of the most beautiful regions of France!

Register for a travel sketchbook workshop: travel and draw or reconcile holidays with your passion for drawing! Travel to the heart of your creativity!

What is it all about? An intense practice of about 6 hours of drawing per day to learn, improve, inspire and stimulate each other, letting ourselves be carried away by the enthusiasm of the group!

The program will include: sketching, drawing, layout, training on aerial or architectural perspective and nuance! All this in gray pencil, ink, colored pencil, watercolor or mixed media!

The travel workshop combines:

  • Learning to sketch on the spot or freehand sketching (which is very different from painting or drawing inside a workshop!),
  • Learning to use different mediums and techniques,
  • Illustrating in a ‘sensitive’ way with one’s own observations and emotions,
  • Using the notions of aerial or architectural perspectives to give more realism to sketches,
  • Playing with shadows and light in a conventional or more pictorial way,
  • Transcribing an atmosphere in black and white or color,

And sometimes, according to inspiration having fun by adding writing!

Travel sketch book workshop (click on the images)

The right ingredients of a travel sketchbook workshop:

Motivated participants!

Adult or teenager beginners are welcome!

The course takes place in the form of step-by-step exercises, punctuated by multiple quick sketches and basic notions of drawing. It is accessible to all because everyone evolves at their own pace and it is not necessary to have a high level of drawing technique.

Moreover, read this article on learning how to draw, you will see that the act of drawing is much more than a technique…

Register to a travel sketchbook workshop and offer yourself the opportunity to create diaries full of life and memories! It is also a great time of conviviality with a small group of people who share the same passion for drawing!

You will, then, go back home with your own self-made sketchbook, elaborated in always beautiful places, selected for their heritage interest or to privilege an immersion in the Nature!

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