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| Drawing is a universal language!

Develop your creativity and learn again a native language!

Urban sketchers

Learn how to draw: isn’t it like regaining a forgotten language? Anyone who has learned a foreign language did not care about perfection from the 1st day and used creativity to make himself or herself understood. Drawing is a language that we all have practiced from an early age. But most people have abandoned drawing and then may face the apprehension of ‘not knowing how to draw’. Most education systems value science, rationality and logic, to the detriment of creativity, senses, intuition… As a result, artistic activities are often relegated to a notion of ‘talent’.

Join the very large community of urban sketchers worldwide!

Developing ‘right brain’ skills

Drawing is also a method even without a ‘predisposition’ for a creative talent. The practice of drawing increases our capacity for observation to ‘see more objectively’. It is all about what we see and not what we think it should be! It develops our visualization of volumes in space, the global perception of a context. It improves the development of visual memory, the ability to simplify and to disconnect from ‘mental patterns’. Learning to draw develops creativity to ‘generate new ideas‘, imagination, inspiration and allows a letting go of the ‘mind’. It is also a journey towards a re-balance of the self.

A sensitive approach to drawing, and more particularly to outdoor drawing, involves our sensations, our olfactory, sound, visual and tactile perceptions. It develops the so-called ‘right brain’ skills to lead to more intuition. Drawing encourages our brain to function differently and to enrich itself with these other abilities.

Focusing on sketching more and more from live sceneries helps not to fear making mistakes!

Quick sketching has the particularity of highlighting immediacy, spontaneity. It is a very intuitive mode of expression, which I enjoy re-transmitting! Lines do not have to be perfect! irregular lines are full of character and energy! Sketching is a way of understanding the world around us and to communicate what we see.

| Sooth your mind and recharge your batteries!

Through drawing while immersed in nature

Scientific studies have shown that immersion in nature, especially with trees, promotes a better health. It helps to recover from stress, mental fatigue and reduces anxiety. Taking time for yourself to draw in a soothing landscape contributes to physical and mental well-being… 10 mn’ sketching is sometimes enough to feel refresh and grounded!

Drawing may be therapeutic like yoga for the brain!

An immersion in a natural landscape, during a walk or a hike promotes immediate physical and mental well-being. It is reinforced by the practice of drawing in-situ as Art as the power to heal the soul.

In this context where almost the five senses are stimulated, the drawing:

  • improves the ability to concentrate on the execution of a task,
  • develops confidence through methodical practice,
  • Soothes the mind by thinking in images rather than the analytical way.

| Regain some simplicity

learn how to draw

I really enjoy encouraging this feeling of well-being, healing and simplicity that is the art of plein air drawing!

Lulled by positive emotions and appeasement, you will live the present moment that provides a reconnection to nature.

Landscape drawing will invite you to a careful observation of the landscape around you and also to pay particular attention to your sensory perceptions.

This is beneficial, of course, for the development of the imagination and for drawing which requires good concentration.

Sketching workshops offered on this website can take place, on request, over other periods.

They can also be organised in Italian language for small groups.

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