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Daily workshop Beginners welcome ! Series of freehand sketching exercices : tree sketches, drawing trees, focus on trees in the Mediterranean.  Depending on the location, a carpool or a pickup at a train station can be organized (see GTC and insurance).

  • Material is provided : drawing paper, artist quality pencils or ink, watercolour, and a foldable stool is supplied.
  • Min. 5 people / Max. 10 people
  • Languages spoken: French, English, Italian
  • Lunch: bring a picnic!

Registration deadline: one week before the workshop is due to start. By registering for this workshop, you acknowledge that you have read the GTC.

‘TRIO’ offer ! come with friends ! 🙂

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  |’Trees sketchbook’: introduction to tree drawing

Open-air workshop. Reconnect with nature, draw trees, their architecture, their fruits… in the landscape of a natural park or a urban forest! The workshop takes place in regional or departmental parks near Nice, Cagnes-sur-mer, Vallauris, etc. and in the countryside!

This is an invitation to awaken your sense of wonder and serenity offered by the presence of trees. Come and experience the metamorphosis of autumn or spring, feel good around the trees, … and reconnect with these familiar beings!

| Trees sketchbook: drawing the tree, out of time…


carnets d'arbres


| The tree at the heart of the landscape


| Remarkable trees or forest atmospheres

We will not get as close to old trees in their natural environment (as pictured at the top of this article) in order to preserve them (learn more about preserving old trees) but the chosen sites will be just as inspiring.

trees sketchbooktrees sketchbooktrees sketchbook













| A deep creative meditation!


trees sketchbook

This is above all a sensory, mental and physical relaxation… Parks are valuable natural corners to sit serenely with a sketchbook and a pencil. In this timeless space, it is inspiring to draw what nature offers, whether it is a landscape, a forest or a seed…

There’s nothing like the spontaneity of freehand sketching to quickly capture a landscape scene and memorize the peculiarities of a tree!

This is a workshop accessible to anyone: come and describe, interpret, sketch the singularity of a tree in the landscape! Enjoy a time for relaxation and have fun by carnets d'arbresdrawing intuitively! Come and sharpen your eye, create freely a trees sketchbook that may also inspire you to illustrate your travel sketchbook!drawing trees

Techniques (different according to the day): line drawing, watercolor, writing, free expression.

  • Introduction to some basic techniques of observation drawing, study sketches, botanical sketches in a creative process.
  • Introduction to freehand drawing in nature, to experience the spontaneity of the moment!


| Discussion on trees as subject of scientific discoveries


While learning some anecdotes on trees that punctuate the landscape, the playful practice of sketching exercises the eye to see trees differently. Sketching helps to better understand our intrinsic relationship to these living beings and the interest of preserving them.

trees sketchbook

This will be an opportunity to evoke some scientific discoveries that animate the modern arboriculture community:

  • trees architecture that makes them so unique,
  • the magic of photosynthesis and the water cycle,
  • how do trees communicate?,
  • how do trees travel?,
  • How do trees reproduce?
  • And how do trees defend themselves against hazards? etc.



A wise Vedic adage of Deepak Chopra teaches that:

“In every seed lies the promise of thousands of forests…”

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